6 essential things to know about your passport

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Travelling to the different parts of the world for an adventurous experience is the dream for many people. To step ahead, having a valid passport and visa for the required country is essential. Apart from those things, certain other essential things are there to know before planning for an overseas travel.

What is a Passport?

A passport is an evidence that provides information like personal details and the nationality of the passport holder. The passport has blank pages that are required for visa stamping. For safe and secure overseas travel, a passport is an essential document that acts as a protective shield in foreign countries. Apart from the general information, there are 6 essential things to know about your passport, which are listed below.

6 essential things to know about your passport

Six-month validity requirement

Travelling overseas is fun, and it also gives a new experience to a person. Before you opt for a trip check that your passport is valid for minimum 6 months. If your passport is not valid for 6 months, most countries may not allow you to enter. For hassle-free and smooth overseas travel, having a passport with atleast validity of 6 months is recommended.


A country like China allows only a person to enter the country who possesses a passport valid for at least 6 months. But countries like Spain, Italy, Belgium and Denmark allow individuals to enter their countries with a passport valid for 3 months.

The minimum validity depends on the country you would like to travel. So ensure the minimum validity before you pack your things for your international travel.

Blank pages

Most countries seek blank visa pages in your passport for valid entry. These blank pages are required for either an entry stamp or a visa. You may not be allowed to enter the countryif your passport has no empty pages. So ensure that your passport has empty pages at least 2 empty pages. Countries like Singapore, Sweden and Iceland require 2 blank pages at least for your valid entry into a country.

Multiple entry

If you apply for a multiple entry visa, your visa sticker may have numbers like ‘1’, ‘2’ or LETTERS LIKE ‘MULT’, which denotes your number of entries. With the multiple entry visa, you can travel to that country, say, China, as many times as you wish till the validity ends.

A multiple-entry visa is a permit provided by the embassy of the country that allows you to enter the country multiple times during the validity period.

New passport, New visas

Suppose your passport has no empty pages, and you are opting for a new one, but your visa on your old passport to US is still valid. In that case, you cannot travel with your old and new passports. Because most countries will not allow you to have both an old and new passport while you travel. So, get a new visa with new passport though your visa is valid in your old passport.

Few countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and China allow an individual to enter their countries who posses both old and new passports.

Update your global entry

Global Entry is a United States Customs and Border Protection Service program which allows the low-risk travellers to facilitate their clearance upon arrival in the United States. The validity of the global entry visa is of 5 years.

Countries like India, U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore and Mexico are eligible for Global Entry membership.

Apply for a visa through online or offline service

Visa applications are available in both online and offline modes. If you opt for an offline mode, download the application form, fill in the necessary details and submit it in to the Visa office or visa application centre. Remember to take all the original documents with you on the scheduled date for the visa interview.   


A valid passport and visa are needed for trouble-free international travel. Apply for a visa and ensure that your passport has a few blank pages, etc., if your passport or visa has expired.


What is the importance or use of a passport?

A passport is necessary for hassle-free travel as it is an evidence of the passport holder providing their personal information and nationality.

Why passport is the most important document?

A passport is an important travel document because it provides the personal identity and nationality of the passport holder. The passport contains the passport holder’s name, photograph, date of birth, nationality and expiry date of the passport.

How Long Does it Take to Get a New Passport?

It takes nearly 30 to 45 days to get a new passport after filling a normal passport application. If you are applying for a Tatkaal passport, it will take 3 working days to dispatch your new passport after the successful application submission with the final status as ‘Granted.’   


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