Coping with the Hazards of Gadget Addiction

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Innovations and technological advancements have definitely established an easy access to things and information in our lives. The challenge is: Have we become over-dependent on gadgets that unknowingly we are addicted to them?

Addiction is not just limited to a substance. The digital world of gadgets, like smartphones and computers, can be so intriguing that we end up wondering who’s consuming whom? Are we consuming the gadgets, or are they consuming us?

A billion-dollar question indeed. Digital gadgets have invasively surrounded our lives. Just imagine a day without smartphones and computers!

But did you know that excessive and long term usage of these wonderful devices can cause a number of health hazards, both physical and mental?


Obesity: This is inevitable as we spend too much time sitting at one place, without any physical movement and not keeping a count on our food intake.

  • Sleep Disorders: Most of us use these devices often late night since we now have the freedom to choose the time of consumption with an excess amount of data availability.
  • Loss of Self-Connection: Let’s take the example of social media. Try to analyze the real you and the virtual you. A lot of masking happens due to peer pressure and social status quo. We try to be someone else on these devices, which on a longer run leads to a lot of psychological disorders.
  • Stress: The curiosity these devices develop in you, while waiting for a reply in social media or expecting a phone call, adds a lot of tension to your current disposition. Imagine the stress you are accumulating within yourself as you spend long hours on your digital devices.
  • Aggression: This generally develops in children while they are in their adolescence since a lot of the content gets registered firmly which would reflect their character.
  • Loss of Human Collection: With more and more of virtual communication and interactions, we have started losing the essence of real-life human conversations. Even while being with family and friends we tend to check our phones constantly, thereby losing track of our surroundings.


Keep the devices in mute mode. Don’t panic – we’re not suggesting doing that round the clock! To begin with, let’s keep one hour a day. During that time get involved in things that make you feel valued and also do things that make your near and dear ones feel valued. The sheer joy, pure bliss and bigger smiles that you garner during those times can be infectious too – yes, with loads of positive energy! Try it today. Try now.


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