Gift a Healthy Tomorrow

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Have we ever wondered what the true meaning of a gift is?

You voluntarily give something of value to another without expecting compensation. Gifting can keep the inner child in us alive. Festivals are all about giving and exchanging gifts with our near and dear ones. It is the time of year when people forget their concerns and celebrate life. The same holds true from the saying “Giving is better than receiving”. Gifting someone can bring us more joy than receiving a gift.

Spreading happiness is one of the most humane activities a person can do. Who doesn’t like a surprise? What if a gift can not only bring joy but also provide meaning to their life?

Star Health’s #GiftAHealthyTomorrow campaign underscores the importance of gifting real happiness during this festive season.

“Health is Wealth” is a famous saying most of us are aware of. But does that mean we need to lose all our wealth to safeguard our health?

Following healthy lifestyle habits can prevent serious health complications. But in a few unavoidable situations, anyone can get sick. Star Health insists people to take a step forward to protect themselves from rising medical expenses. That being said, health insurance for some, can be a luxury. At Star Health, we aim to increase awareness of health insurance across all sections of society.

We highlight this heartfelt message of giving those in need a gift that can add significant value to their life through a short film. The film showcased the protagonist called Seema, a tailor, who works relentlessly to make ends meet for her family. She also takes care of the treatment expenses of her sick husband and attends to the needs of her growing child.

Madhu, a fashion designer, engages Seema to help her complete a set of orders and meet the seasonal demand of Diwali. To fulfil Madhu’s demands, Seema works day and night, thus putting a strain on her health. She refuses to seek treatment for her health issues as her family needs money for expenses. Madhu empathises with Seema’s situation and visits her on Diwali day to gift her the means for buying a health insurance policy to secure her family from rising healthcare costs.

Diwali is a festival of giving and the best gift any one can give is the gift of good health and the means to secure it. Today, hospitalisation costs are skyrocketing and puts immense strain on the finances of many households. Studies also show that a few crore Indians are pushed into poverty due to medical expenses. Health insurance can secure families from the lower income & middle income segments from adverse financial strains and give them the freedom to live life without worry. #GiftAHealthyTomorrow campaign aims to secure this segment of the society. After all, what else could be a better gift than enabling people to build a healthy and sustainable tomorrow?


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