List of Day Care treatment and procedures covered under Health Insurance

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 Day Care treatment means medical treatment and/or surgical procedure, which is:

Undertaken under general or local anaesthesia in a hospital/Day Care centre in less than 24 hours because of technological advancement, which would have otherwise required hospitalisation of more than 24 hours.

Treatment normally taken on an out-patient basis is not included in the scope of this definition.

Some Day Care treatments include Cataract surgeries, Nasal sinus aspiration, Cancer chemotherapy, Cancer radiotherapy, dialysis, tonsillectomy, etc.

Coverage of Day Care procedures in the Health Insurance company

In Health Insurance, Day Care procedures are usually covered up to the total Sum Insured. Additionally, it includes all pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses for the Day Care treatment being claimed.

Benefits of Day Care procedure and treatments in Health Insurance

There were times where Cataract removal would require a patient to get admitted to the hospital for a few days. Recently, with Day Care procedures, a patient can undergo surgery within hours, get back home on the same day and can get a faster recovery.

Day Care treatments usually involve many expenses such as diagnostics, medications, hospital admission, vitals, injections, post-care essentials, etc. Therefore, altogether, the total bill for a specific treatment can be really hefty, and this is where your Health Insurance can aid you, as it financially covers your treatment expenses. 

Under a Day Care procedure, the Insurance company can bear the medical expenses up to the specific limits mentioned in the policy. While buying the policy, you need to have a detailed look at the policy documents to know the list of specified Day Care procedures covered in the plan.

List of Day Care procedures covered in Health Insurance

Here is the list of Day Care procedures commonly covered by a majority of the Health Insurance plans.

Day Care procedures for ear ailmentsStapedectomy Stapedotomy Tympanoplasty Reconstruction of the middle ear Operations of the auditory ossicles Other operations on the inner ear Incision of the inner ear Operations on the middle ear
Day Care procedures for eyesTear duct operations Removal of foreign body Cataract operation Corneal incision Eyelid incision Corrective surgery
Day Care procedures for nose and sinusNasal sinus aspiration Foreign body removal Operation on the nasal concha Other operations on the nose
Day Care procedures for bonesDislocation surgery Ligament tear and meniscus tear surgery Fractures and sutures on tendons Orthopaedics and trauma surgery Other joint and bone surgery 
Day Care procedures for tongueGlossectomy Reconstruction of the tongue Other operations on the tongue
Day Care procedures for Skin and subcutaneous tissueChemosurgery to skin Skin transplantation and restoration Excision of diseased skin and subcutaneous tissues Incisions to skin and subcutaneous tissue
Day Care procedures for faceIncisions to the mouth, jaw, and face Plastic surgery on the mouth Other operations on the mouth and face 
Other surgical procedures/treatmentRadiotherapy for cancer Haemodialysis, Lithotripsy, Chemotherapy ,Coronary angiography

Star Health Insurance has a varied range of Health Insurance plans that covers the expenses for all the Day Care procedures up to the limits mentioned in the policy. For more details, refer to the policy clauses.


Day Care treatment or procedure includes all those medical treatments which earlier needed multiple days of hospitalisation. But now, because of technological advancements in healthcare, these procedures take much less time.


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