Morning Habits to Help You Lose Weight

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Many people around the globe struggle to lose weight. Dropping a few kilos can seem impossible at times. People follow a complex diet and lifestyle to make it possible.

Yet there are various simple morning habits that a person can incorporate into their daily regime to assist with weight loss.

Consuming a high-protein breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. When there is the right breakfast for a person, it can help set the course for the rest of the day. Eating high protein breakfast will help in cribbing cravings. This can also help with weight loss.  

Studies conducted on a group of people revealed that consuming a high protein breakfast is associated with lesser fat gain and reduced intake of a person.  

A high-protein breakfast can reduce hunger and keep a person full for longer compared to a normal protein breakfast.  

Proteins will also decrease the level of the hunger hormone produced in the body, which is responsible for increasing appetite.  

Breakfast, including eggs, nuts, seeds, and other sources of lean protein, can serve as a good option.

Drinking enough water

It is mandatory that every person should start their morning with a glass of water. This is one of the simplest ways to enhance weight loss.  

When a person consumes water, it can help increase energy expenditure. Drinking water can also reduce the appetite of a person and cut excessive food intake in a few individuals.  

It is recommended to consume at least 2 L of water per day to help with weight loss. In some cases, when a person has too much body weight, the amount of water to consume varies.  

Measuring weight

Measuring ourselves every morning can be an effective way to keep track of everyday progress and improve self-control.  

When we weigh ourselves every morning, it can help us develop healthy habits or behaviour which can promote weight loss and keep us healthy.

However, another important factor to remember is that the body weight of an individual may fluctuate every day. This is because it can be influenced by a variety of factors. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the big picture and wait patiently for overall weight loss results.

Getting enough sun

Open up the doors and windows. Let some sunlight spring through for a few minutes into our place. It helps to kickstart the morning and assist with weight loss.  

A small group of the study found that when a person is exposed to a moderate level of sunlight during a particular time of the day, it can have an influence on body weight.  

Exposing ourselves to sunlight is also a way to help the body produce vitamin D.  

The amount of sun exposure a person requires depends upon their skin type, season, and location. Letting some sunlight touch our skin for around 15 minutes every morning can have a beneficial effect on weight loss.  

However, we need more scientific evidence to support the statement.  

It is also important to note to over-expose ourselves to sun rays because the UV rays can do damage to the skin. Accessories like sunscreen can be used to minimize the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Being mindful

Mindfulness is the process of consciously monitoring thoughts and feelings. It is practised to increase awareness and fully focus on the present.  

When a person is mindful, they give attention to their behaviour and habits that have a direct impact on improving health and promoting weight loss.  

Practising mindfulness begins with a few simple steps. Initially, all a person needs to do is sit alone for a few minutes every morning and connect with their senses.


Exercise or physical activity is equally important as a diet. Exercising in the morning can keep the blood sugar levels remain at an optimal level throughout the day.  

Exercising helps the body to burn excessive calories and improve density. Exercises are important to improve the overall health of a person.


Making extra efforts to pack lunch and plan ahead of the day is a simple way to improve food choices. This habit will improve the overall lifestyle and assist with weight loss.  

Meal planning will help improve the bad quality and reduce the chances of obesity.

Having adequate sleep

Sleeping early and getting some extra sleep can help with weight loss. Sleep deprivation is associated with weight gain as it can increase appetite.  

Sleep restriction or deprivation will increase the cravings for high carbohydrate or processed food. Therefore, it is important to squeeze in enough sleep to avoid such cravings and decreased appetite.

Changing ways of commute

Even though driving is a convenient and safe way to get to work, it may not be a better option for the waistline.  

Walking or cycling to work may help reduce body weight and eliminate chances of weight gain. Changing the way, a person commutes can speed up weight loss.

Tracking the intake

Keeping track of the food we consume is an effective way to boost weight loss and be accountable.  

Various studies revealed that keeping a food diary or using an app to record what we eat or drink throughout the day can be helpful in managing or tracking calories.

To sum up

Making a few lifestyle changes and monitoring everyday habits in the morning can be an effective and simple way to enhance weight loss.  

Healthy morning habits will start the day and keep us focused on the right track. For optimal results, these morning habits are to be combined with a proper diet and an overall healthy lifestyle.


1. Which morning exercise is the best for weight loss?

Some fine exercises to help lose weight in the morning are
1 · Walking  
2 · Jogging
3 · Sprinting  
4 · Jumping jacks  
5 · Squats  
6 · Yoga and  
7 · Planks

2. What habits should I do to lose weight?

There are a few lifestyle changes a person can adapt to lose weight. These changes can include
1 · Drinking plenty of water  
2 · Weighing ourselves  
3 · Exposure to sunlight  
4 · Mindfulness and Exercise.  

3. Is morning Breakfast important for weight loss?

When it comes to breakfast consumption, some research groups suggest that consuming breakfast regularly can help with weight loss and maintain a healthy weight, whereas other researchers suggest that skipping breakfast might be good and help with weight control.


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