Tendinitis of Hand-causes-symptoms-risk-factors-and-more

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Tendons are flexible and strong tissues in our body that prevent muscle injury while performing high-intensity movements or workouts. They are pretty much close to a rope. When this rope becomes overused, it leads to Tendinitis.  

The tendons or ropes of the hand are – 

  • Flexor digitorum profundus 
  • Flexor digitorum superficialis 
  • Extensor digitorum communis 
  • Extensor digiti minimi 
  • Extensor indicis proprius 

Each of them have a certain activity assigned. 


  • Throbbing pain while moving the hand 
  • Sense of grating or grinding in the hand 
  • Hand looks swollen due to fluid accumulation 


  • Frequent exhaustive movements of hand while performing 
  • any sport such as  gymnastics or basketball. 
  • Previous hand injuries that are not healed adequately 
  • Smoking 
  • Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
  • Doing intense workout involving the hand without a proper warm up that includes stretching. 


  • Firstly, always consult a doctor before starting any medications and applying splints as they will be customised according to the patient. 
  • At home, for first aid you can follow the RICE technique 
  • Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate to reduce the symptoms of inflammation such swelling, redness and pain. 
  • Physical therapy will be offered further and must be practised after learning from a professional physiotherapist. 


  • Avoid sudden repetitive movements of the hand without prior warm up. 
  • Incase of any hand injury, follow your doctors orders and do not strain the hand.
  • Avoid smoking 
  • Wear the hand splints as prescribed by your doctor to prevent further aggravation. 


Hand tendonitis is a preventable condition and can be managed well by an orthopaedician, all you have to do is follow the above mentioned tips. 


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