Travel insurance for Singapore from India

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Singapore Travel Insurance

You should consider buying a travel insurance . Travel insurance for Singapore is extremely vital because, if you are not well-prepared, things can get a little pricey. If your luggage is missing, or finding a hotel if your trip is delayed, can be pretty expensive. Additionally, if you require medical attention while visiting Singapore, the cost may be high.

Benefits of travel insurance for Singapore

  • Emergency medical expenses : Your insurer will cover the expenses in case of urgent medical care is required in Singapore.
  • Flight delay or flight cancellation : Depending on your policy term you will be compensated for the inconvenience faced due to your flight delay or flight cancellation.
  • Passport Loss: It is problematic to lose a passport because it is one of the most crucial documents when traveling overseas. In such cases, your insurance will reimburse you for the expenses incurred in obtaining a new or duplicate passport.
  • Luggage Damage/Loss: In accordance with the conditions of your policy, if your luggage is lost or damaged by your airline, you will be compensated as per the amount mentioned in your policy documents.

In such cases, travel insurance can safeguard you during the time of uncertainities and protect you from financial hassles.

Visa information for Singapore from India:

Singapore provides a wide variety of visas to visitors from abroad. A Singapore visa is not an immigration permit. All Indians must have a current visa to enter Singapore, except those who are holding diplomatic, official or service passports. The following are a few of the visas that Indian nationals can obtain:

  • Individual Visa
  • Collective Gratis Visa
  • Family Visa

General Requirements for Visa Application :

The following documents are required when applying for an entry visa for business or personal visits:

  • A filled out visa application form
  • Recent passport-size photos
  • A photocopy of the passport biography page
  • Depending on the type of visa, additional documents might be needed.

It is recommended that you apply for a visa at least 20 days before your intended travel date. An authorised agent in your area can help you apply for a visa.

Entry information for Indian Citizens Travelling to Singapore

You are advised to check the latest travel advisory as the ministry of Singapore Foreign Affairs guidelines might change with their recent developments and requirements.

Travel documents required while travelling from India to Singapore

Check if you meet the following criteria at the entry:

  • A six-month minimum-valid Indian passport
  • SG Arrival Card with electronic Health Declaration
  • A proof of sufficient cash to cover the duration of your stay
  • A confirmed ticket for your return or your next destination;
  • Evidence of prior entry approval


When travelling overseas for a vacation, the decision to purchase travel insurance might be necessary for a hassle-free experience while you are up to some relaxation and joy. Your Travel Insurance will save you in Times of your need.To know more about travel insurance plans visit star health Insurance .


Do I need to buy travel insurance for Singapore?

Yes , a good overseas travel insurance plan is highly advised because it will protect you against a range of Travel inconveniences, accommodation, and medical emergencies.

Where can I buy a travel insurance for Singapore? 

Depending on your preference, you can either buy an offline or online international travel insurance coverage for Singapore. However, purchasing it online saves you a lot of time , money and allows you to compare a variety of possibilities.

Can Foreigners buy health insurance in singapore?

Yes, foreign immigrant living in Singapore for work-related purposes can buy a health insurance plan in Singapore.


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