Universal Travel Pass – Eligibility & Key Elements

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What is Universal Travel Pass?

The pandemic has not only claimed the lives of people, but it also affected the travel sector. Many limitations, including an emergency lockdown, were implemented when the pandemic started. We are all aware that travel has been put on hold. Universal Travel Pass was introduced at that time to facilitate transportation for the vaccinated people.

A Universal Travel Pass is an electronic pass with a QR code that merely permits those with the required vaccinations to use public transportation. People can use this in workplaces, shopping centres, train stations, or even intercity travel.

The pass will be approved by the Central Government and is now in effect for all of the nation’s residents. The main benefit of this pass’ main benefit is unrestricted cross-country travel for persons who have received their COVID-19 vaccination in full, including access to public spaces.

The Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority introduced a universal travel pass in collaboration with the Indian Railways. It is done so that COVID-19-vaccinated individuals can comfortably ride Mumbai’s monorails, metro, and local trains. The Indian government has finally made the Universal Travel Pass available to all of its people.

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Key elements of the Universal Travel Pass

Vaccination Certificate for universal travel pass

The Universal Travel Pass was created to achieve the following goals:

  • Allow national travel while a pandemic is underway.
  • Make sure that the medical and educational facilities were open and operational for everyone.It is convenient and safe to travel with QR code e-passes.
  • Negates the requirement of persons to be physically verified as having received the complete COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Preventing the use of fraudulent identification.
  • Allows for Interstate travel.

Who Is eligible for a Universal Travel Pass?

Anyone with Indian citizenship who has got both COVID-19 vaccination doses is eligible to apply for the Universal Travel Pass easily. Only people above 18 years can apply. In addition to these, any company operating in the healthcare, education or utilities sectors are qualified to apply for the Universal Travel Pass.

After receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, a person has to wait at least 14 days to apply for the Universal Travel Pass. If someone applies for it before the 14-day window, they will get the pass once the 14 days have passed.

Documents/Papers required for normal UTP applicationDocuments/Papers required for Business UTP application
Aadhar cardRegistered company
Voter’s IDRegistration certificate
Registered Mobile numberIndustrial papers

What is included in Travel pass?

Information on a Universal Travel Pass includes the following.

  • Applicant picture
  • Candidate Name
  • Age of applicant
  • candidate’s gender
  • Category for Travel Level
  • a QR code
  • Beneficiary ID for the applicant

Why Is Universal Pass required?

You can travel without any restrictions using this pass. Actually, if you don’t have this pass, the government and the railway department say you can’t buy a ticket. You can obtain this pass if you have gotten both doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Is Universal pass a ticket to travel?

You must have this pass in order to use any public transportation or service. This certificate serves as proof that you have had both of doses of your vaccine. However, this pass is not considered as a ticket. To travel, you’ll need to buy a ticket.


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Since none of us anticipated the pandemic, it is even more crucial to be ready and take precautions. Given the ambiguity of the time, it is preferable to take precautions, choose sensible routes, and adhere to the protocol. Compare the prices for Travel Insurance before choosing.


Can The Universal Pass be used all across India?

Yes, the Universal Travel Pass can be used all across India

Does the QR code on the Universal Travel Pass help certify travel?

Yes, the QR code facilitates in accessing the Universal Travel Pass

Is the travel with Universal Travel Pass been done level-wise?

Yes, the system permits passengers to board local trains depending on the severity of the city’s restrictions.

Is there a customer service that helps in case of error during online application of the Universal Travel Pass?

Yes, there is customer service that helps in guiding people during the Universal Travel Pass.


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