What is Preventive Health Care Insurance?

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Just like the popular saying “Prevention is better than cure”, it is always better to have prevention against diseases rather than approaching a doctor during the condition. Technology and science have advanced; however, modern man faces a constant threat in rising numbers of deadly diseases and conditions. This is due to changing weather conditions, pollution, and overcrowded cities, among other things

Preventative health care insurance serves as a comprehensive plan to serve the everyday needs of the people. Thus, acquiring the right preventive care at the right time helps you get rid of severe health conditions.

Types of preventive care health insurance packages

Many insurers have come forward to introduce preventative health care insurance plans that would suit the best needs of their customers. These include:

  • Regular check-ups

Under this package, the policyholder can go for regular health check-ups at the specified hospital to be cautious about any future health ailment.

  • Comprehensive packages

A comprehensive package will include annual health checkups, dietary counseling, dental exams, etc. These packages also cover doctor consultations, such as ophthalmology, ENT, cardiology, and general surgery.

  • Diabetes health insurance

Diabetes is a common health disorder among humans. If left untreated, it may lead to future complications such as heart stroke, loss of eye vision, kidney damage and much more. To avoid all such complications getting the proper treatment with constant follow up is important. With a health insurance plan for diabetes, you can lead a stress-free life while availing the best treatment without any hassle.

  • Corporate packages

Employees can also purchase preventive health plans at subsidized rates from hospitals across India. They are customised according to the needs of the company, and employers are free to decide the level of employee check-ups and consultation they need.

Preventative health care at Star Health

Star Health Insurance offers a range of preventative health care insurance packages that would help you lead a stress-free life. Through these packages, you can benefit from Talk to star, E-medical consultations, Annual health checkups and much more. Our range of Preventative health care insurance plans includes:

  1. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  2. Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
  3. Young Star Insurance Policy
  4. Medi Classic Insurance Policy (Individual)
  5. Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy
  6. Star Outpatient Care Insurance Policy

To know more, visit www.starhealth.in and check out the various health care plans specially crafted for your needs.

Wellness program

The wellness program initiative by Star Health, aims to develop, improve, and maintain the active and healthy lifestyle of a policyholder. With this feature, insured persons can earn points by participating in wellness activities. At renewal, the policyholder will be able to earn discounts on their premium through these reward points.

It is intended that the wellness activities listed will assist the insured individual in earning wellness reward points, which will be tracked and monitored by the company. The Star Wellness Platform (available on the Star Power app) is used as a digital platform to implement and administer this wellness program.

Get in touch with our customer service team if you want to know more about reward points and wellness activities.


Preventative health care is the smallest measure you can take to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Just like the saying ‘Health Insurance is Wealth’ having a health insurance, you will feel secure and have peace of mind. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk factors, and reduce your need to spend money on medicines. Hence, to live a happy and pleasant life, make your health a priority and spend some time taking the necessary health care precautions.


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